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Barbeque, Grilling, & Smoking

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  1. Baked Pork Spareribs (Recipe ID: 677)

    Delicious spareribs with an exotic BBQ sauce.

  2. Barbecue Lentils (Recipe ID: 680)

    A Barbecue flavored recipe for vegetarians!

  3. Barbecued Catfish (Recipe ID: 681)

    The deep south by way of Italy.

  4. Barbeque Shrimp (Recipe ID: 782)

    Messy to eat, but really, really worth it!  Adjust pepper level to your liking.

  5. Blender Hollandaise (Recipe ID: 833)
  6. Cajun's Delight Dry Rub (Recipe ID: 439)

    A good balance of flavor for grilling or smoking meat ,chicken or fish.  Can also be used in recipes that call for a "blackening' rub.

  7. Catering Chef David Lowery's Dry Rub (Recipe ID: 441)

    A Memphis inspired blend that has been prepared for years by my brother in Texas.  THE rub for beef brisket.

  8. Coffee Barbecue Sauce (Recipe ID: 705)

    Delicious and popular combination.

  9. Exotic Asian Dry Rub (Recipe ID: 433)

    Best with pork.  Use this to season a Pork Tenderloin for grilling or a Boston Butt for a long smoking.

  10. Fajitas (Recipe ID: 746)

    Fajitas appear  on many modern restaurant menus, but that is a fairly new addition.  The dish has its origins in the Vaquero (cowboy) cooking of the Rio Grande valley.  Skirt steak ( at the time it was very inexpensive) was marinated, cooked on a grill or over an open fire, sliced thinly and wraped with a tortilla.  Today, fajitas are also made with chicken, seafood and skirt steak is no longer inexpensive.  Side dishes can include guacamole, salsa and sliced vegetables.  Our recipe recomends serving fajitas with Jalapeno Bearnaise, but that is a creative touch, not tradional (but delicious).

  11. Fiesta Mexicana Dry Rub (Recipe ID: 430)

    Use with chicken or quail for a tasty Southwestern flair!

  12. Grilled Lamb Chops with Braised Aromatic Vegetables and Olives (Recipe ID: 803)

    Once the lamb chops are grilled and the veggies chopped, this recipe is so easy and so good it will become one of your standards.

  13. Grilled Langoustines (Prawns) (Recipe ID: 428)

    If you have great seafood to cook with,  the best method is to prepare them very simply.

  14. Grilled Melon and Country Ham (Recipe ID: 350)

    A southern answer to melon wrapped with Italian Prosciutto.

  15. Heart O' Texas Dry Rub (Recipe ID: 440)

    A dry rub recipe developed in Texas but cooked with for years in Tennessee.

  16. Hollandaise Sauce (Recipe ID: 832)
  17. Hot Lemon-Lime Butter (Recipe ID: 828)
  18. Italiano Robusto (Recipe ID: 423)

    Legend has it that after years of trial and error "Don" Vito struck Gold when in a dream, he finnaly developed this technique.

  19. Molasses Wings (Recipe ID: 759)

    Humble chicken wings made fragrant and zesty with molasses and spices.

  20. Pop Lowery's Barbecue Sauce (Recipe ID: 837)
  21. Pop Lowery's Texas Lemon Barbecue Sauce (Recipe ID: 442)

    This sauce is particularly good on chicken but do not baste with any liquid sauce until toward the end of the cooking process.  This helps prevent the sugar from burning or scorching so quickly.

  22. Salsa Chipotle (Recipe ID: 840)
  23. Seafood Cocktail Sauce (Recipe ID: 836)
  24. Signature Mediterranean Herb Rub (Recipe ID: 427)

    This special collection of flavors is just right for grilling or smoking featuring a Mediterranean flair.

  25. Tomato and Leek Sauce (Recipe ID: 835)
  26. Wild Cherry Wood Smoked Ham with a Cherry/Jack Daniel's Whiskey Glaze 5.0000 (1 review)
    (Recipe ID: 805)

    Any fruit wood may be used, but the combination of wild chery wood smoking and the cherry/whiskey glaze really do compliment each other.  Cooking time is adjustable ...size of ham, distance from heat, temperature of coals... you get the idea.

There are as many variations and opinions as there are cooks, and we want to showcase them all.

This does not just refer to meat, poultry or seafood; because fruits and vegetables cooked on the grill are excellent as well.

Favorite regional methods, basted with sauce, dry rubs, hot grilling, smoking over indirect heat? Bring it on!