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  1. Blender Hollandaise (Recipe ID: 833)
  2. Broiled Chicken with Hunter's Sauce (a la Chasseur) 5.0000 (1 review)
    (Recipe ID: 234)

    Everyday French Family style dining.

  3. Chicken and Ham Jambalaya (Recipe ID: 773)

    There are as many versions of Jambalaya as there are cooks in Louisanna.  This one is a "Red" Jambalaya.  The origin of the name is in dispute but not the wonderful flavor of the dish.

  4. Chicken and Mushroom Pie (Recipe ID: 648)

    A homemade chicken pot pie that your family or guests will love.

  5. Chicken Breast with Italian "Salsa Verde" (Recipe ID: 685)

    Simple, fresh and savory.

  6. Chicken Cacciatore (Chicken, Italian Hunter Style) (Recipe ID: 252)

    Wine suggestions:

    Chianti, Sangiovese, or other good Italian red.

  7. Chicken Curry Rice Salad (Recipe ID: 93)

    Bright and beautiful dish with a nice curry flavor.

  8. Chicken Enchiladas with Sour Cream (Recipe ID: 148)

    Fun recipe to do with a couple of friends.  Easy and muy bien!

  9. Chicken in Chambourcin ( Red Wine ) (Recipe ID: 351)

    This is a regional variation of the French dish "Coq au vin."  Most any dry red wine wine work... the Chambourcin is a French- American hybrid.

  10. Chicken in Hell's Fire (Recipe ID: 340)

    Poulet au Feu D'Enfer~Adapted from the recipe of the great Fernand Point.  In classic French cooking a demi-glace is a highly reduced espagnole sauce.  A acceptable substitute can be made by reducing a brown stock flavored with tomato paste and Maderia wine.  Frozen demi-glace is also avaiable from certain gourmet markets. 

  11. Chicken Irish Mist (Recipe ID: 647)

    Luxurious recipe for chicken simmered with Irish Mist Liqueur, cream, almonds and apples.

  12. Chicken Potato Salad (Recipe ID: 646)

    Not only chicken and potatoes, but cauliflower, apple and green pepper in a rich creamy dressing with just a touch of curry.

  13. Chicken Salad-Pineapple in Pita (Recipe ID: 71)

    Low fat trip to Hawaii.

  14. Chicken Salsa Tortillas (Recipe ID: 42)

    Low fat, no muss-no fuss.

  15. Chicken with Cream (Recipe ID: 645)

    Uncomplicated recipe for tender chicken with delicate cream sauce with apples.

  16. Chicken with Mustard and Wine Sauce (Dijonaise) (Recipe ID: 723)

    This dish from France can also pe prepared with boned chicken breast.

  17. Chicken with Sherry Vinegar and Tarragon Sauce (Recipe ID: 531)

    Easy to prepare and sherry, vinegar tarragon and chicken are a natural together.

  18. Chicken"Hunter's" Style (Pollo alla Cacciatoria) (Recipe ID: 538)

    Vito's favorite stewed chicken and mushroom dish from Italy.

  19. Chicken-Asparagus Fajitas (Recipe ID: 33)

    Asparagus in Fajitas?  Why not?  Great tasting and attractive variation.

  20. Cold Chicken and Cucumber (Recipe ID: 320)

    A delicious meal, salad  or snack in only a few minutes.

  21. Cold Sesame Chicken (Recipe ID: 319)

    Great warm weather dish with a touch of Asia.

  22. Cream Gravy (Recipe ID: 769)

    Plain old-fashioned white gravy to accompany fried chicken.

  23. Farmhouse Chicken Stew (Recipe ID: 642)

    Basic home cooking.

  24. Healthy Cajun Beans and Rice with Turkey Sausage (Recipe ID: 92)

    Heart Healthy, quick and delicious.

  25. Hollandaise Sauce (Recipe ID: 832)
  26. Honey-Roasted Duck Breast (Recipe ID: 532)

    Fantastic combination of duck, honey, sherry vinegar and hazelnuts.

  27. Hot Lemon-Lime Butter (Recipe ID: 828)
  28. Irish Style Chicken Breast (Recipe ID: 638)

    Simply prepared Irish chicken breast recipe made special with flaming Irish Whiskey.

  29. Molasses Wings (Recipe ID: 759)

    Humble chicken wings made fragrant and zesty with molasses and spices.

  30. Open-faced Turkey Tamales (Recipe ID: 15)

    This recipe won 1st place in the 'Cooking Light' category at the 2009  Women Today Expo in Knoxville, TN.  It does take some time to prepare, but its fun to do with a group of friends "assembly line style."

  31. Orange Chicken Stir-Fry (Recipe ID: 102)

    Nice change of pace, good flavor.

  32. Paella Valencia (Recipe ID: 484)

    The real Paella of Valencia!

  33. Pop Lowery's Barbecue Sauce (Recipe ID: 837)
  34. Port Braised Cornish Game Hens (Recipe ID: 563)

    Rich, moist and flavorful dish from Scotland.

  35. Red-Simmered Chicken Wings (Recipe ID: 312)

    Simple to prepare delight.

  36. Roast Pheasant with Yogurt Sauce (Recipe ID: 626)

    Pheasants are highly prized by connoisseurs.  This recipe calls for stuffing and roasting the pheasants, then serving them with a fragrant yogurt sauce.

  37. Roast Quail (Recipe ID: 786)

    Simple steps to to Southwestern flavored dish.

  38. Roasted Chile and Turkey Enchiladas (Recipe ID: 379)

    Made from scratch!  Make a fiesta with your amigos out of the process!

  39. Salsa Chipotle (Recipe ID: 840)
  40. Southern Fried Chicken (Recipe ID: 768)

    Simple recipe for delicious Southern Fried Chicken, Texas style!  This recipe was shared with me by Liz Carpenter, former White House Press Secretary to Lady Bird Johnson.  

  41. Thyme and Sage Braised Chicken Wings with Apricots (Recipe ID: 364)

    Apricots, thyme and sage sing together.

  42. Tofu Béchamel (Recipe ID: 834)
  43. Tomato and Leek Sauce (Recipe ID: 835)
  44. Turkey "Fried" Rice (Recipe ID: 103)

    Low fat and heathly, but still loaded with taste.

  45. Vegetable Stock (Recipe ID: 824)
  46. Viking Wild Duck (Recipe ID: 631)

    Pour a cup of mead and dine like a viking.

  47. White Stock (Recipe ID: 825)
  48. Wild Morels Sauteed with Chicken Breast 5.0000 (1 review)
    (Recipe ID: 574)

    A delight for mushroom lovers and hunters.

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Internal temperature of thigh meat
should register 180 (F) degrees