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  1. Artichokes alla Romana (Recipe ID: 230)

    Translation: "When in Rome eat Artichokes", just kidding.

  2. Asparagus Fiesta Potato with Ground Beef (Recipe ID: 32)

    Healthy, hearty meal-all in one.

  3. Baked Acorn Squash with Apple Stuffing (Recipe ID: 22)

    A natural pairing.

  4. Baked Stuffed Zucchini (Recipe ID: 329)

    There are many ways to stuff a zucchini.  This recipe will become one of your favorite.

  5. Balsamic Coleslaw (Recipe ID: 697)

    Absolutely the "King" of cole slaws.

  6. Beurre Blanc (Recipe ID: 827)
  7. Black Eyed Peas "Provencale" (Recipe ID: 354)

    The name is sort of a joke, but the flavor is fantastic.

  8. Blender Hollandaise (Recipe ID: 833)
  9. Blue Cheese Slaw (Recipe ID: 683)

    Delicate Savoy cabbage, assertive blue cheese...Wow!

  10. Blue Potato Honey Mustard Salad (Recipe ID: 699)

    Kaleidoscope of colors and flavors in a potato salad.

  11. Boxty-on-the-Griddle (Recipe ID: 649)

    Boxty is a traditional Irish potato cake.

  12. Braised Artichokes (Recipe ID: 216)

    A beautiful dish that takes the work out of eating artichokes.

  13. Braised Asparagus Tips with Raspberry Vinegar (Recipe ID: 265)

    Tender, fragrant and really easy.  The dish can be vegetarian with the substitution of water for the stock.

  14. Braised Bamboo Shoots (Recipe ID: 322)

    Savory Asian side dish.

  15. Braised Mushrooms (Recipe ID: 327)

    Dark, woodsy, and rich.

  16. Braised Red Cabbage with Raisins (Recipe ID: 701)

    Homey dish with complex aromatic flavors.

  17. Calabazitas (Recipe ID: 165)

    Can be spelled Calabacitas or Calabasitas... it is a recipe for Mexican-style squash.

  18. Caponata (Sicilian Sweet-Sour Vegetables) (Recipe ID: 792)

    Delicious dish that can be served as a appetizer, salad or vegetarian side dish.

  19. Carrots and Olives a la Grecque (Recipe ID: 264)

    Easy version of the classic Vegetables a la Grecque

  20. Celery (Recipe ID: 815)
  21. Celery and Cream (Recipe ID: 565)

    Rich yet simple Scottish side dish.

  22. Cheddar-Baked Tomatoes (Recipe ID: 382)

    Easy cheesy variation on simple baked tomato.

  23. Colcannon (Recipe ID: 644)

    Irish comfort food.

  24. Coleslaw with Green Apples (Recipe ID: 18)

    Good looking, good tasting and good health to you.

  25. Country Style Mushrooms (Recipe ID: 654)

    Simple dish perfect with afternoon tea.

  26. Creamy Cauliflower Soup with Corn and Rice (Recipe ID: 844)
  27. Creamy Fresh Corn (Recipe ID: 76)

    Especially good with fresh summertime corn.

  28. Creamy Onions (Recipe ID: 643)

    Sweet and smooth-great presentation!

  29. Deep Fried Sweet Potato Balls (Recipe ID: 206)

    These are a perfect match with turkey or pork dishes, but they also make a terrific starter course when paired with a nice chilled Reisling or Gewurtztraminer.  The only difficult part is cutting the sweet potatoes, but they can be cut and kept in lemon water for hours before cooking.

  30. Eggplant Salad (Ensalada de Berenjenas) (Recipe ID: 765)

    Delicious Spanish appetizer or salad- also vegetarian.

  31. Fresh Lettuce Stir-Fry (Recipe ID: 417)

    Cooked lettuce?  Delicious!  Different is good!

  32. Galletti Mushroom Risotto (Recipe ID: 523)

    Hearty and delicate all at once.

  33. Glazed Potatoes (Recipe ID: 426)

    Need a new recipe for the old stand by? You've found one!

  34. Glazed Sweet Potatoes (Recipe ID: 24)

    Quick recipe with nice color.

  35. Glazed Turnips (Recipe ID: 564)

    Nice cool weather side dish.

  36. Grilled Marinated Zucchini (Recipe ID: 277)

    This is a really nice way to serve grilled squash, but cut and "fan" carefully because the charm is in the appearance.  Can be served hot or cold.

  37. Hollandaise Sauce (Recipe ID: 832)
  38. Hot Lemon-Lime Butter (Recipe ID: 828)
  39. Insalata di riso nerone (Recipe ID: 852)

    Nerone Rice Salad

  40. Jicama Mexicana (Recipe ID: 814)

    If you are not yet familiar with this root vegetable, it's time.  One species in the genus Pachyrhizus, Jicama is sweet, crunchy and a great alternative to chips for dipping.  It can be found in the produce department of most large food chains.  The lime and chili powder combined with the flavor and texture of the Jicama in this recipe is different and wonderful.  A little cerveza or cactus juice goes down well with it, as well.

  41. Jugged Vegetables (Recipe ID: 174)

    "Jugged" is an old fashioned term for marinating food in a large container or "jug."

  42. Knockferry Red Cabbage (Recipe ID: 637)

    Irish Red Cabbage...County Galway style.

  43. Lemon-Glazed Carrots and Green Grapes (Recipe ID: 454)

    Fast, fresh and exciting taste.

  44. Low Fat Artichoke Dip (Recipe ID: 89)

    Low fat, eat right -live forever!

  45. Marinated Mushrooms (Recipe ID: 324)

    An eastern twist for a great flavor.

  46. Mashed Sweet Potatoes (Recipe ID: 732)

    Great with pork or turkey.  Nice change from baked or candied sweet potatoes.

  47. Microwave Asparagus with Blender Hollandaise (Recipe ID: 758)

    As quick as it gets  This recipe makes it easy to enjoy fresh asparagus anytime.  This recipe is for one serving.  For more servings just double or triple the recipe.

  48. Mock Oysters (Recipe ID: 636)

    Salsify root is also called Oyster Plant and is available in gourmet markets.  This recipe is for fritters that are very reminescient of fried oysters, hence the name.

  49. Mushroom Boxty (Recipe ID: 635)

    Irish potato cake with mushrooms.  Breakfast, lunch or dinner.

  50. Nectarines and Broccoli in Tomato Vinaigrette (Recipe ID: 480)

    Italian creativity!  What a flavor combo!

  51. Onions in Herbs and Wine (Recipe ID: 726)

    Easy side dish, also good as a topping for meat.

  52. Onions with Raisins (Recipe ID: 341)

    A rich and unusuall side dish for meat and game.

  53. Orange Scented Apple, Rice and Sausage Dressing (Recipe ID: 855)
  54. Pasta Stuffed Tomatoes (Recipe ID: 41)

    Serve as an attractive luncheon dish.

  55. Peanut Butter-Vegetable Sandwich (Recipe ID: 70)

    Healty and surprising twist on an old favorite.

  56. Pears with Hot Mushrooms (Recipe ID: 434)

    Pears and mushrooms?  How does Don Vito do it?  Heritage and inspiration!

  57. Pickled Chinese Lettuce (Recipe ID: 313)

    Starter, salad or side dish?  All of the above.

  58. Pop Lowery's Barbecue Sauce (Recipe ID: 837)
  59. Potato Casserole (Recipe ID: 81)

    Family pleaser.

  60. Rice Pilaf (Recipe ID: 232)

    A rice dish that originated in the Mid East.  Sometimes called pilau, it always starts with the rice being cooked in butter or oil and then cooked in stock.  It can be flavored in countless ways.

  61. Ris con Pomodoro e Melanzana (Recipe ID: 850)

    Rice with tomato and eggplant

  62. Risotto Con le Zucchine (Recipe ID: 851)

    Rice with Zucchini

  63. Risotto Croquettes (Recipe ID: 790)
  64. Roasted New Potatoes with Lemon (Recipe ID: 82)

    Thyme and lemon seem to have a natural affinately for potatoes.

  65. Roasted Red Peppers (Pepperoni Antipasta) (Recipe ID: 246)

    Beautiful and and wonderful with Italian bread and a glass of Chianti, Sangiovese or Pinot Grigio.

  66. Rosemary Summer Squash Trio (Recipe ID: 20)

    Quick, healthy dish for the fresh squash lover.

  67. Salsa Picante (Recipe ID: 838)
  68. Savory Oven Baked Potatoes (Recipe ID: 547)

    Potato casserole with surprising seafood flavor.

  69. Savoy Cabbage and Italian Sausage (Verze e Luganega) (Recipe ID: 550)

    Slow cooked cabbage and sausage dish with polenta.

  70. Seafood Cocktail Sauce (Recipe ID: 836)
  71. Shitaki Mushroom Pie (Recipe ID: 373)

    Delightful meatless entree or luncheon dish.

  72. Spiced Beetroot Pickles (Recipe ID: 633)

    "Beetroots" are usually just called "beets" in contemporary America.

  73. Stir-Fried Chinese Sausage and Cabbage (Recipe ID: 486)

    Chinese pork sausage can be purchased in Asian specialty markets.

  74. Stir-Fried Eggplant and Garlic Sauce (Recipe ID: 561)

    Delicious chinese restaurant dish that is also very easy to make at home.

  75. Stir-Fried Ham and Spinach (Recipe ID: 487)

    Basic wok tecnique featuring ham and spinach.

  76. Stir-Fried Mixed Vegetables (Recipe ID: 461)

    Simple stir-fry served cold.

  77. Stir-Fried Vegetable Medley (Recipe ID: 304)

    The basic... wholesome and delicious.

  78. Stuffed Baked Mushrooms (Recipe ID: 812)

    Pine nuts and Havarti cheese add to the texture and taste.  Good recipe for vegetarian main course.

  79. Stuffed Lettuce Rolls (Recipe ID: 66)

    Simple starter or light luncheon dish.

  80. Summer Salad with Rice, Avocado, Mozzarella Cheese and Porcini Mushrooms (Insalta estiva di riso, avocado, mozzarella e funghi) (Recipe ID: 845)

    Why wait until summer?

  81. Sweet and Sour Egg Plant (Recipe ID: 791)

    Easy to repare and savory recipe provded courtesy of our good friend, Chef David Hughes.

  82. Sweet Potatoes "Duchesse" 5.0000 (1 review)
    (Recipe ID: 352)

    Variation on the French classic, "Pommes Duchesse" - cooked potatoes pureed with egg and butter, then shaped and baked.

  83. Tatties and Neeps (Recipe ID: 568)

    Mashed potatoes (tatties) and yellow rutabagas (neeps) are the traditional accompaniment to haggis; as is a glass of Scotch Whiskey, which is either poured over the pudding (haggis) or enjoyed with it.  Tattie and neeps can be enjoyed anytime, however.

  84. Tofu Béchamel (Recipe ID: 834)
  85. Tomato and Leek Sauce (Recipe ID: 835)
  86. Traditional Irish "Sweet and Sour" Beetroot (Recipe ID: 632)

    Tasty and healthful side dish for beet lovers.

  87. Vegetable Stock (Recipe ID: 824)
  88. Vegetables a la Grecque #1 (Recipe ID: 225)

    One of many versions of Vegetables in the "Greek" style.  Slightly different, they're all good.

  89. Vegetables a la Grecque #2 (Recipe ID: 245)

    Serve with a nice crusty loaf of bread, a slab of Parmesan and a red Zinfandel from California..  Your guests will ask for the recipe. 

  90. Vito’s Ratatouille Salad (Recipe ID: 389)

    Don Vito's perfect version of an all time favorite.

  91. Waldorf Cocktail (Recipe ID: 816)

    Drink your appetizer- a deconstructed Waldorf cocktail, tasty and super healthful.  This recipe does require an electric juicer.

  92. White Stock (Recipe ID: 825)
  93. Yellow Rice with Galletti Mushrooms (Risotto Giallo con Galletti) (Recipe ID: 542)

    Fine risotto with saffron and Galletti (Chantrelle) mushrooms.

Never before has such a wide selection of vegetables been available to the everyday consumer.

Before World War II Americans were largely limited to a narrow choice of what was available in their local grocery stores or what they grew in their own gardens. Agribusiness and the modern transportation system have changed those limits completely.

However, it is still the freshest, highest quality produce that creates the finest dishes! Search our Vegetable Section for an ever increasing collection of both familiar and exotic dishes.