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Appetizers, Starters & Snacks

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  1. Breadsticks Wrapped with Fig Spread & Prosciutto (Recipe ID: 1051)
  2. Chicken Salad-Pineapple in Pita (Recipe ID: 71)

    Low fat trip to Hawaii.

  3. Frozen Fruit Salad (Recipe ID: 60)

    Frosty and refreshing.

  4. Fruit Compote (Recipe ID: 61)

    Low sugar content, high flavor content.

  5. Gourmet Glazed Figs (Recipe ID: 708)

    Nice recipe using dried figs, which are always available.

  6. Grilled Melon and Country Ham (Recipe ID: 350)

    A southern answer to melon wrapped with Italian Prosciutto.

  7. Nectarines and Broccoli in Tomato Vinaigrette (Recipe ID: 480)

    Italian creativity!  What a flavor combo!

  8. Pickled Peaches (made with apple cider vinegar) (Recipe ID: 267)

    Old time recipe from my Mother, Kathleen Shaw Lowery.  A perfect match with Southern Fried Chicken.  This is also the basic recipe to make Pickled Figs.

  9. Poached pears with white Balsamic vinegar (Recipe ID: 270)

    Sublime flavor combination!

  10. Stuffed Pear (Pere Ripiene) (Recipe ID: 140)

    Italian genus: fruit, cheese and nuts all in one dish!

  11. White Wine Poached Pears (Recipe ID: 472)

    Basic and beautiful, one of many possible variations.