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Appetizers, Starters & Snacks

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  1. "Cayene Diane's" Baba Ghannoush (Recipe ID: 819)

    Once you bake the eggplants, the food processor does all the work.  Baba Ghanoush is a puree of eggplant,garlic, Tahini, lemon juice, Olive oil and seasoning originating in the Middle East.

  2. Artichokes alla Romana (Recipe ID: 230)

    Translation: "When in Rome eat Artichokes", just kidding.

  3. Braised Mushrooms (Recipe ID: 327)

    Dark, woodsy, and rich.

  4. Caponata (Sicilian Sweet-Sour Vegetables) (Recipe ID: 792)

    Delicious dish that can be served as a appetizer, salad or vegetarian side dish.

  5. Carrots and Olives a la Grecque (Recipe ID: 264)

    Easy version of the classic Vegetables a la Grecque

  6. Celery (Recipe ID: 815)
  7. Country Style Mushrooms (Recipe ID: 654)

    Simple dish perfect with afternoon tea.

  8. Creamy Cauliflower Soup with Corn and Rice (Recipe ID: 844)
  9. Eggplant Salad (Ensalada de Berenjenas) (Recipe ID: 765)

    Delicious Spanish appetizer or salad- also vegetarian.

  10. Eggplant Spread (Recipe ID: 686)

    Don Vito's version of "eggplant caviar."

  11. Emperor's Mushroom Marinade (Recipe ID: 811)

    Nice appetizer for a party; a step up from most marinated mushrooms.

  12. Grilled Marinated Zucchini (Recipe ID: 277)

    This is a really nice way to serve grilled squash, but cut and "fan" carefully because the charm is in the appearance.  Can be served hot or cold.

  13. Guacamole (Recipe ID: 743)

    Guaca - mole, roughly meaning "green concoction."  The most important thing here is perfectly ripe avocados.  Not under ripe and not over ripe.  Flavorings can vary, but do not ruin your guacamole with the Americanized tendency to add mayonaise.

  14. Jicama Mexicana (Recipe ID: 814)

    If you are not yet familiar with this root vegetable, it's time.  One species in the genus Pachyrhizus, Jicama is sweet, crunchy and a great alternative to chips for dipping.  It can be found in the produce department of most large food chains.  The lime and chili powder combined with the flavor and texture of the Jicama in this recipe is different and wonderful.  A little cerveza or cactus juice goes down well with it, as well.

  15. Jugged Vegetables (Recipe ID: 174)

    "Jugged" is an old fashioned term for marinating food in a large container or "jug."

  16. Low Fat Artichoke Dip (Recipe ID: 89)

    Low fat, eat right -live forever!

  17. Marinated Mushrooms (Champinones en Escabeche) 3.0000 (1 review)
    (Recipe ID: 764)

    Nice appetizer or cocktail food- nice for vegetarians , as well.

  18. Mock Oysters (Recipe ID: 636)

    Salsify root is also called Oyster Plant and is available in gourmet markets.  This recipe is for fritters that are very reminescient of fried oysters, hence the name.

  19. Nectarines and Broccoli in Tomato Vinaigrette (Recipe ID: 480)

    Italian creativity!  What a flavor combo!

  20. Pearl Onion and Fontina Picks (Recipe ID: 689)

    Sophisticated cocktail food or snack.

  21. Pickled Relish Platter (Recipe ID: 690)
  22. Ravioli with Vegetable Sauce (Recipe ID: 724)

    Nice and quick way to "dress  up" frozen ravioli.

  23. Salsa Chipotle (Recipe ID: 840)
  24. Salsa Picante (Recipe ID: 838)
  25. San Francisco Vegetable Paté (Recipe ID: 822)

    Our version of a complex dish created by famed chef, Jacky Robert. Spectacular presentation!

  26. Spiced Beetroot Pickles (Recipe ID: 633)

    "Beetroots" are usually just called "beets" in contemporary America.

  27. Stuffed Baked Mushrooms (Recipe ID: 812)

    Pine nuts and Havarti cheese add to the texture and taste.  Good recipe for vegetarian main course.

  28. Sweet and Sour Egg Plant (Recipe ID: 791)

    Easy to repare and savory recipe provded courtesy of our good friend, Chef David Hughes.

  29. Texas Caviar (Recipe ID: 817)

    Great party dish.  A "caviar" that anyone can afford!

  30. Vito’s Ratatouille Salad (Recipe ID: 389)

    Don Vito's perfect version of an all time favorite.

  31. Yukon Gold Potato Salad with Smoked Bacon (Recipe ID: 804)

    This recipe is really just an updated version of French Country Potato Salad.  The Yukon Gold Potatoes add great color and consistancy.  For vegetarians, simply substitute vegetable stock for the beef stock and leave off the bacon.