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Recipes brought to you by Avanti Savoia

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Appetizers, Starters & Snacks

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  1. An Avanti Savoia Father's Day Menu (Recipe ID: 394)

    Simple, savory and fun.

  2. Avocado Chile Dip (Recipe ID: 820)

    Good variation on Guacamole.

  3. Baked Mussels and Braised Red Onions (Recipe ID: 552)

    Exciting and delicious way to serve mussels.

  4. Beefsteak Tomato Salsa (Recipe ID: 39)

    This is a simple recipe that depends on your personal taste.  It can easily be made more or less hot, salty etc.-It is a salsa -just make it taste good.

  5. Beurre Blanc (Recipe ID: 827)
  6. Black Bean Pate (Recipe ID: 292)

    Spicy Southwestern flavors in a low-fat recipe.

  7. Braised Pork Meatballs and Cauliflower (Recipe ID: 509)

    Full flavored ingredients for a hearty dish.

  8. Breadsticks Wrapped with Fig Spread & Prosciutto (Recipe ID: 1051)
  9. Chili Soy Dip For Pork (Recipe ID: 511)

    Spicy, yet easy.  Easy, yet spicy.

  10. Crispy Fruit and Cheese Rounds (Recipe ID: 80)

    Low on calories not on taste, substitute our Balsamic Four-Onion Spread to add savory variety.

  11. Deep Fried Pork Meat Balls (Recipe ID: 491)

    Crowd pleasing starter course.

  12. Deep Fried Sweet Potato Balls (Recipe ID: 206)

    These are a perfect match with turkey or pork dishes, but they also make a terrific starter course when paired with a nice chilled Reisling or Gewurtztraminer.  The only difficult part is cutting the sweet potatoes, but they can be cut and kept in lemon water for hours before cooking.

  13. Drunken Three Bean Salad (Recipe ID: 787)

    Delicious healthy dish, very nice presentation.

  14. Egg Rolls (Recipe ID: 560)

    Chinese restaurant classic that is also easy to make at home.  Another great recipe to make with children, just be very carefull with the deep frying!

  15. Fat Free French Onion Dip (Recipe ID: 90)

    Fat free, French onion dip, that about covers it.

  16. Fish Croquettes (Recipe ID: 415)

    Savory and simple entree for a light supper.

  17. Fried Plantain (Recipe ID: 142)

    Plantains or "cooking bananas" are a famous delicacy all over Mexico and the Carribean.  They are also served with fried potatoes in little street market stalls and called "tostones y papas fritas."  Excellent with a cold beverage of choice.

  18. Graham Cracker Fruit Toss (Recipe ID: 96)

    Low cal, low sugar content.  Easy and fun for kids as well.

  19. Herbed Olives and Onion Marinade (Recipe ID: 688)

    Wonderful recipe to flavor olives.  Great snack with cheese, bread and a glass of wine.

  20. Homemade "Boursin" Cheese (Recipe ID: 100)

    Great with crackers, bread, or as a stuffing for cherry tomatoes, celery sticks, new potatoes, or baby beets.  Thin with fat-free sour cream skim milk, or yogurt for an herb dip with vegetables.  Be sure to use fresh herbs for a great taste.

  21. Hot Lemon-Lime Butter (Recipe ID: 828)
  22. Low Fat Spinach Dip (Recipe ID: 88)

    Trendy presentation, tasty, easy to make snack.

  23. Macho Nachos (Recipe ID: 146)

    Hearty, simple and a blast for kids to make themselves.

  24. Marinated Mushrooms (Recipe ID: 324)

    An eastern twist for a great flavor.

  25. Mint-Cilantro Dip (Podina Chutney) (Recipe ID: 251)

    Serve as a side dish with curries or as a dip with Indian breads or even Pita bread.  Also wonderful as a dip with deep fried mushrooms.

  26. Peanut Butter-Vegetable Sandwich (Recipe ID: 70)

    Healty and surprising twist on an old favorite.

  27. Pears with Hot Mushrooms (Recipe ID: 434)

    Pears and mushrooms?  How does Don Vito do it?  Heritage and inspiration!

  28. Pickled Chinese Lettuce (Recipe ID: 313)

    Starter, salad or side dish?  All of the above.

  29. Poppy Seed Muffins (Recipe ID: 86)

    Sweet and simple

  30. Quiche Lorraine (Recipe ID: 385)

    Traditional  quiche containing bacon from the region of Alsace-Lorraine.

  31. Risotto Croquettes (Recipe ID: 790)
  32. Roasted Red Peppers (Pepperoni Antipasta) (Recipe ID: 246)

    Beautiful and and wonderful with Italian bread and a glass of Chianti, Sangiovese or Pinot Grigio.

  33. Salsa Chipotle (Recipe ID: 840)
  34. Salsa Fresca (Recipe ID: 293)

    The fresher the better, not quite as good the next day, but still tasty.

  35. Salsa Picante (Recipe ID: 838)
  36. Salsa Verde (Recipe ID: 294)

    Green and mean (not really) adjust the peppers to your taste.

  37. Scotch "Woodcock" (Recipe ID: 370)

    Hearty and (delicious) appetizer from Scotland.

  38. Spinach Salad (Recipe ID: 57)

    This recipe works best with a high quality olive oil.  Avanti Savoia just happens to have it!

  39. Stuffed Lettuce Rolls (Recipe ID: 66)

    Simple starter or light luncheon dish.

  40. Summer Salad with Rice, Avocado, Mozzarella Cheese and Porcini Mushrooms (Insalta estiva di riso, avocado, mozzarella e funghi) (Recipe ID: 845)

    Why wait until summer?

  41. Tennessee Valley Pate with Fruit and Green Peppercorns (Recipe ID: 207)

    A Grand Prize winner modified to a regional taste.

  42. Tofu Dill Dip (Recipe ID: 821)

    Light, low fat and easy to make- and tasty.

  43. Tortilla Rollups (Recipe ID: 43)

    Rollups make a great low-fat appetizer, be sure to serve with a bowl of salsa so that guests can add their own.

  44. Tweed Salmon (Recipe ID: 576)

    Scottish influenced dish that can serve 4 as a main dish or even more as an appetizer.

  45. Vegetables a la Grecque #2 (Recipe ID: 245)

    Serve with a nice crusty loaf of bread, a slab of Parmesan and a red Zinfandel from California..  Your guests will ask for the recipe. 

  46. Waldorf Cocktail (Recipe ID: 816)

    Drink your appetizer- a deconstructed Waldorf cocktail, tasty and super healthful.  This recipe does require an electric juicer.

  47. Yogurt Dip for Fruit (Recipe ID: 79)

    Low cal, no sugar great idea for people watching thier sugar intake.

  48. Yogurt Popsicles (Recipe ID: 104)

    Fast, fun and low cal, not just a summer treat.