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Espresso Bella 12 oz. - Espresso Grind
Out of stock.

Espresso Bella 12 oz. - Espresso Grind

Catalog Number: 45016
Weight: 12 oz.
$11.95 $7.17

Out of stock.

Rich espresso...three Central American beans, two roasting depths, flavor equal to Italy's finest espresso.

A "lovely" rich espresso blend, smooth enough to enjoy as brewed coffee too. Bittersweet and glossy dark beans are blended with the more aromatic medium dark beans. This blend of three Central American beans and two roasting depths is designed to let you experience the true character of Italy's finest espresso. Imported.

5 starsEspresso Bella 12 oz.
November 22, 2009
by Joe Titone (Vancouver, WA)
Wonderful as a brewed coffee - great flavor nd very smooth