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Lowcountry Blackberry Preserves

Catalog Number: 33354 UPC Code: 857051001278
Weight: 9 oz
Vendor: Lowcountry Produce
$8.50 $5.95 Limited Quantity Available!

This is like the stuff your grandmother would make when you were a kid! Yes it is that good.

This Blackberry Preserve is full of whole blackberries and not too sweet.

The blackberries were picked during the height of their growing season - ensuring that they are fresh and sweet. Enjoy!

Scones were made for thick, fruity preserves like this. Ditto for baked brie with pecans sprinkled on top.

Need we say more? Handmade & handpacked.

9 oz. Product of USA.

(Low Country Cooking, Gullah Cooking)

5 starsPerfection in a jar
October 09, 2010
by Justine Dimitroff (Lockport, NY)
These preserves are wonderful
5 starsAwesome Jam
May 04, 2010
by Warren Colville (Orchard Park, NY)
Ithought I'd try this product and it way exceeded my expectations. The flavors are wonderful.