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Appetizers, Starters & Snacks

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Meat & Poultry

  1. BBQ Meatloaf (Recipe ID: 698)

    What meat eater doesn't love meatloaf?  This recipe is for a very special meatloaf with homemade BBQ sauce. 

  2. Breadsticks Wrapped with Fig Spread & Prosciutto (Recipe ID: 1051)
  3. Chicken Breast with Italian "Salsa Verde" (Recipe ID: 685)

    Simple, fresh and savory.

  4. Chicken Salad-Pineapple in Pita (Recipe ID: 71)

    Low fat trip to Hawaii.

  5. Chicken Salsa Tortillas (Recipe ID: 42)

    Low fat, no muss-no fuss.

  6. Chicken-Asparagus Fajitas (Recipe ID: 33)

    Asparagus in Fajitas?  Why not?  Great tasting and attractive variation.

  7. Cold Chicken and Cucumber (Recipe ID: 320)

    A delicious meal, salad  or snack in only a few minutes.

  8. Deep Fried Ham and Egg Meatballs (Recipe ID: 407)

    Excellent as a starter or snack.  Serve 'em hot.

  9. Deep Fried Paper-Wrapped Pork (Recipe ID: 495)

    Asian inspired dish that is both fun and different.

  10. Gold Coin Pork (Recipe ID: 502)

    Deep fried and different.

  11. Grilled Melon and Country Ham (Recipe ID: 350)

    A southern answer to melon wrapped with Italian Prosciutto.

  12. Homemade Haggis (Recipe ID: 566)

    This skinless haggis is designed for American tastes, yet contains some of the ingredients found in the real thing. Simply unmold the loaf and serve, surrounded by tatties and neeps!  Can be flambed with a little whisky for a dramtic presentation.

  13. Honey-Roasted Duck Breast (Recipe ID: 532)

    Fantastic combination of duck, honey, sherry vinegar and hazelnuts.

  14. Irish Christmas Meat Roll (Recipe ID: 639)

    Hearty Irish holiday fare.

  15. Irish Mushrooms and Kidney Sandwich (Recipe ID: 662)

    Very popular in the British Isles, but a under appreciated taste in the US.

  16. Lettuce Rolls with Stir-Fried Pork (Recipe ID: 468)

    Looks great, tastes great easy to prepare.

  17. Liver Casserole (Recipe ID: 125)

    Simplified version of a terrine.

  18. Mini Beef Pizza (Recipe ID: 63)

    This a great recipe to prepare with children.  They will come up with their own ideas for toppings...guaranteed!

  19. Molasses Wings (Recipe ID: 759)

    Humble chicken wings made fragrant and zesty with molasses and spices.

  20. Open-faced Turkey Tamales (Recipe ID: 15)

    This recipe won 1st place in the 'Cooking Light' category at the 2009  Women Today Expo in Knoxville, TN.  It does take some time to prepare, but its fun to do with a group of friends "assembly line style."

  21. Pop Lowery's Barbecue Sauce (Recipe ID: 837)
  22. Quick Fried Beef Venetian Style (Recipe ID: 725)

    A few steps is all it takes to prepare this taste of Venice.

  23. Rabbit Pâté in Grape Leaves (Recipe ID: 810)

    Very French, very beautiful and delicious!

  24. Red-Simmered Chicken Wings (Recipe ID: 312)

    Simple to prepare delight.

  25. Salsa Chipotle (Recipe ID: 840)
  26. Sardinian Polenta (Polenta alla Sarda) (Recipe ID: 529)

     A hearty Sardian take on polenta with Pancetta, sausage and Pecorino.

  27. Thyme and Sage Braised Chicken Wings with Apricots (Recipe ID: 364)

    Apricots, thyme and sage sing together.

  28. White Cooked Cubed Pork (Recipe ID: 520)

    Fine appetizer or main dish.