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Sel Gris Organic French Sea Salt
Out of stock.

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Sel Gris Organic French Sea Salt

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Sel Gris Organic French Sea Salt

Out of stock.
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This sea salt is low in sodium high in flavor, light and crunchy. Gray in color, packed with essential minerals and trace elements. Perfect for baking and cooking.

A favorite of gourmets looking to slice sodium intake without sacrificing flavor, this high-moisture organic mineral salt is offered in both fine and coarse grain. The fine works well as a table salt, while the crunchy coarse grain is ideal for baking or cooking. Both grains reflect the earthy grey color of the clay lining in the evaporation ponds where the sea salt is produced, and are packed with essential minerals and nutrients. Sel Gris Velvet: Stone ground to the consistency of baking flour, this buttery grey salt melts quickly and evenly. While a natural choice for baking, the feathery consistency and reduced sodium content makes the salt a healthier choice for lightly dusting popcorn, salads, and sliced tomatoes or cucumbers. Imported Artisan Salt.

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