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Organic Essenza Aromatic Italian Rice

Catalog Number: 65010 UPC Code: 8032542742263
Weight: 1.1 lb
Vendor: Cascina Belvedere
$6.50 $3.90

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Basmati rice, an aromatic cross between Thai and Pakistani rice...smells like just baked bread! Imported from Italy.

Essenza rice - Natural fragrance. The Italian aromatic rice for boiled rice, side-dishes, salads, and exotic dishes.

Obtained from the combination between a Thai rice variety and Pakistani basmati, the ESSENZA rice, which is now grown in Italy, is an aromatic rice variety releasing a natural aroma that can be smelled in the fields during the ripening cycle that is similar to the fragrance of just-baked bread.

This characteristic makes it unique and, in any case, loved and appreciated by anyone tasting it.

To better enjoy its characteristics of tastiness and fragrance, it is recommended to eat it with butter or oil and Parmesan cheese or as a side-dish.

It is excellent also for the preparation of rice salads.

1.1 lb. Imported from Italy.

5 starsEssenza Aromatic Italian Rice
January 09, 2010
by Bonnie Laurie (Lebec, CA)
This smells and tastes so good.
4 starsDecember 15, 2009
5 starsEssenza Rice
October 31, 2009
by Barbara Duresky (Cottage Grove, MN)
Never made this rice before. There was no instuctions on the box. Looked it up on line. Instead of water to cook it in, I used chicken broth. And it delicious. Had a buttered popcorn taste and smell.