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Il Borgo Del Balsamico - Balsamic Vinegar of Modena- Tinello Red Label IGP

Catalog Number: 20080 UPC Code: 8032853080030
Volume: 250 ml
Vendor: Il Borgo del Balsamico
$41.95 $25.17

Top shelf, aged a minimum of five years in oak. Try this on fresh strawberries, ice-cream, Parmesan cheese for an out-of-this-world taste sensation.

This Balsamic Vinegar of Modena Red Label is made with cooked must from grapes grown in Italy's Emilia Romagna region together with wine vinegar.

Refined and aged in oak casks for at least 5 years, Red Label Balsamic Vinegar of Modena is recommended on top of fresh strawberries, ice-cream, Parmesan cheese or special recipes like “Tournedo ROSSINI”.

One of the most prized balsamic vinegars of our Modena range, Red Label Balsamic Vinegar is slowly aged in oak casks.

Its full, mellow flavor blends sweet and sour tastes superbly. It is suggested to use uncooked.

250 ml. Minimum acidity 6%. Imported from Italy.

5 starsCan't Get Enough
April 14, 2011
by Tara Bleakley (Knoxville, TN)
There is no turning back to ordinary Balsamic Vinegar after having this!
5 starsLisa Hale
August 26, 2009
by Lisa Hale (Elkhorn, WI)
I found this balsamic vinegar on your website and I love it! The flavor is so rich and sweet. It pours like maple syrup. I sent it as a gift to my sister and now her entire family loves it. I just sent it again as her birthday present.