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Bourbon Barrel Grill Wood
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Bourbon Barrel Grill Wood

Catalog Number: 32004 UPC Code: 855783004079
Weight: 4
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Out of stock.

This will make you BBQ king or queen of the block! 

According to the rules of bourbon making once a barrel has been used it can not be used again...for bourbon anyway.  Turn up the flavor on your next grilling or smoking session with these bourbon barrel staves.  Pefrect for both gas and charcoal grills and even better in a smoker you can now infuse your meat with the sweet smell of white oak and aged bourbon.

Sold in individual packages that measure 3"x4"x11" and contain random thicknesses of bourbon barrel staves.

How to Use:
Soak Bourbon barrel wood for thirty minutes.  Spread out hot charcoal.  Place saked bourbon barrel wood on hot charcoal, Place food on the grill while the bourbon barrel wood is smoking.

Spreadt out hot charcoal.  Lay bourbon barrel wood on coals and let flame.  When the flame is gone, place food on the grill and cook.

Electric and Gas:
Wrap in foil, forming a cylinger shape.  Leave the ends partially open.  Place the foil on heat and grill.  This can also be done without the foil.

Campfire Method:
Build your fire with bourbon barrel grilling wood.  When the flame dies down, place the grate over hot coals and cook your food on the grate over the hot coals.

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