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White Truffle Mushroom Sea Salt
Out of stock.

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White Truffle Mushroom Sea Salt

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White Truffle Mushroom Sea Salt

Catalog Number: 36001 UPC Code: 827649055341
Weight: 100g
Vendor: TartufLanghe

Out of stock.

White Alba truffles and sea salt, versatility in a bottle, simply the finest there is...end of story.

“Sale con Tartufo Blanco” brings the musky aroma of the Italian White Alba truffle to this pure grey sea salt from the Atlantic Ocean.

Use to season and lend an almost garlic-like touch to pasta, risotto, eggs, cheese, salads, potatoes, and vegetables.

100g jar. Imported from Italy

(Sea Salt with White Truffle, Truffles and mushrooms).

5 starsWhite Truffle Mushroom Sea salk
July 13, 2011
Great taste since this is the first time trying to truffle I have nothing else to compare it too but it was great on my pasta
5 starsDelicious!
January 19, 2011
by Shizuka Buckley (Port Matilda, PA)
I was very excited when I got this and it actually surpassed all my expectations! I have used it everyday since I have received it! It gives veggies and eggs such a wonderful flavor! I even used it on chicken last night and my husband and I loved it!!
5 starsWhite Truffle Salt
October 24, 2009
by Anonymous
I ordered this because I liked the Black Truffle Salt. I have not used it as yet but I can imagine it will be as good if not better than the Black Truffle salt.
5 starswhite truffle salt
March 01, 2009
by keira iritano (staten island, NY)
This item is delicious and outstanding