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Il Borgo Del Balsamico - Balsamic Vinegar of Modena - Yellow Label 750ml IGP

Catalog Number: 20061 UPC Code: 8032853080139
Volume: 750ml
Vendor: Il Borgo del Balsamico
$41.95 $25.17

Generously fragrant, slightly pungent; a classic balsamic vinegar for everyday use. Splash it on!

Designed for everyday family use, this classic balsamic vinegar works well as a salad dressing.

The Yellow Label is aged the least of the balsamic vinegars from Italy's Reggio Emilia region and is generously fragrant.

The slightly pungent flavor enhances meat or fish dishes, and can be used to flavor marinades.

750ml Glass bottle, Imported from Italy.

5 starsEnjoying Emilia Romana
September 15, 2009
by Michael Chazen (Jasper, GA)
When you reach for anything that you need Balsamico for, use this! The difference between this and "other products" called balsamico is totally apparent from the moment you open the bottle.