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Juniper Berries

Best By: 7/26/2013 Catalog Number: 32025
Weight: 2 oz.
Vendor: Gusti Vegetali
$5.15 $4.64

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I tend to drink my juniper berries, but for you more conventional folks, they work great in marinades for beef and game. Next time you kill a wild boar...

In the ancient Rome, juniper berries were the expensive alternative to pepper.

Today, this bluish fruit of a small, thorny bush is an affordable and unconventional option to traditional pepper.

The distinctive aroma is slightly sweet and prickly.

Crush the berries before using to unleash the full flavor and fragrance. Works well in marinades - especially for beef and game, and is also used in the distillation of gin.

2oz. jar, Imported.

5 starsDried Juniper
February 05, 2009
by David Wooddell (Northport, AL)
After just a few seconds in a Magic Bullet the spice aroma filled the kitchen.