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Ground 11/30/10 Whole 9/5/11
Vendor: Gusti Vegetali

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Strongly aromatic, intense fragrance and fiery penatrating flavor. A versatile spice it can be used in...

Cloves are an ancient spice. The small nail-shaped flower buds are dried to produce a strongly aromatic and intense fragrance and fiery, penetrating flavor. Popular in Asian and Middle Eastern dishes, cloves are a versatile spice that can be roasted with coffee, blended with cinnamon to stew fruits, and simmered in stews or hearty meat broths. Use when preparing baked ham or when slow-cooking apples, beets, game, pumpkin, tomatoes, or sausage. 2oz jar, Imported.

5 starsgreat value
November 21, 2010
by Jill Trovillion (Coram, NY)
For the price, I was expecting half the amount of cloves! I was pleasantly surprised! Also, they are fresh with a strong clove flavor.