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Black Summer Truffle
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Black Summer Truffle

Best by: 6.11.12 Catalog Number: 34020
Weight: 20g
Vendor: TartufLanghe

Out of stock.

Whole Black Summer Truffles, (Tuber Aestivum) delicious and affordable!!!  Slice thinly and use in any recipe that you want to enchace the mushroom flavor.

Enjoy the more delicate flavor of the black summer truffle any season of the year.

This glass jar contains a preserved, whole black summer truffle packed in water and its own natural juices.

Shave thin slices onto pasta, risotto, potato, chicken, fish, or egg dishes as a sophisticated, crowning touch.

Black Summer Truffle, Tuber Aestivum 20g jar, Imported from Italy

5 starsGreat source & price for truffles
August 03, 2011
So far we've used the black truffles in two recipes: Truffle risotto, and in Quiche Lorainne.