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Chanterelle Mushrooms

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These mushrooms exhibit an apricot sented, rich buttery flavor, meaty texture, delicate. Avoid with strong spices. Let them simmer; risotto, soups, stews. You know the drill.

(Cantharellus cibarius) Chanterelle mushrooms or Griolles are one of the worlds most sought after wild mushrooms.

The bright yellow to orange cap of this mushroom is very distinctive.

These are fruity mushrooms that have a scent of apricots when fresh and a rich buttery flavor with a meat-like texture.

Chanterelle mushrooms are a great addition to many dishes. The chanterelle has a wonderful ability to keep its flavor when cooked and it is so versatile.

Avoid using chanterelles with ingredients that have strong flavors that might obscure their delicate taste, such as garlic or spices.

They are great to use for gravy or sauces.

You can reconstitute dried chanterelles by soaking them in warm water for at least 1 hour, they are best in dishes that cook for long periods in liquid, such as stews, soups and sauces due to their chewy texture.

1/2oz package.

5 starsexcellent!!!
May 25, 2011
by Mary Olson (Louisville, KY)
5 starsExcellent flavor and texture
December 14, 2009
by Michelle St. James (Brockton, MA)
I made a delicious mushroom and leek risotto with these Chantarelles, and I could not have been more pleased.