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"S'ciappau Gran Cru" Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Pre-Order Sale: Ends Soon. Save 20% Catalog Number: 10014
Volume: 500ml
Vendor: Paolo Cassini

Fresh off the press, Gran Cru is back! Hand selected by Paolo Cassini "Taggiasche" olives make this the very finest extra virgin oilive oil in the world.

Our customers love the original "S'ciappau" (#10007) so much we went back to Paolo Cassini and asked him for his highest quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil he could possibly make.

The result is the "S'ciappau Gran Cru." This oil is meant to be savored straight from the bottle.

Each olive is hand selected at the exact moment it reaches the proper maturity to produce the highest quality of flavor and nutritional value.

The "S'ciappau Gran Cru" delivers a noticeable pepperiness and smooth buttery texture that can only be savored with bread or salad. Made with the Taggiasca olive exculsively.

From Italy's Liguria region.

500 ml bottle of single cultivar (TAGGIASCHE), extra virgin olive oil, cold press.

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5 starsDecember 15, 2009