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Morel Mushrooms
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Morel Mushrooms

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America's most sought after mushroom, soak overnight in salt water, pat dry, dip in olive oil, grill. Delicious!

(Morchella) These highly prized mushrooms are referred by many as the highly elusive pinecone mushroom, sponge mushroom, dry land fish and Morchella, no matter what the name, they are still morels and still delicious! Morels are a delicacy with many uses; fried, grilled, stuffed and baked, added to sauces, sautéed or stir fried. Their meaty texture makes them a perfect accompaniment to grilled steak. The dried morel reconstitutes very well, coming back to its original form nicely. It takes 8-10 pounds of fresh morels to make 1 pound of dried morels. To Reconstitute: Soak in a cup of warm water or liquid per ounce of dried morels for 20 minutes or overnight. When they are fully reconstituted, strain through a coffee filter or paper towel and retain the liquid for your recipe or future use. Rinse well to remove any debris and pat dry and use. 1/2oz package

3 starsmorels
April 20, 2010
by Sharon Kube (Willow Springs, IL)
suitable for needs but not very flavorable