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Wood Ear Mushrooms

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Wood Ear Mushrooms

Catalog Number: 34172 UPC Code: 094922898081
Weight: 0.5 oz

Slightly crunchy in texture the Wood ear is a Chinese staple, a wonderful addition to Hot and Sour soup.

(Auricularia Polytricha) Wood ear mushrooms are pleasantly crunchy in texture and are traditionally used in many Chinese dishes, such as Hot and Sour soup. They are also known as black fungus, black tree fungus and tree ear. The Chinese, who value a combination of textures in their dishes, make great use of this mushroom. This mushroom is a little chewier than other mushrooms and slightly gelatinous. Wood ears require half an hour soaking time before use. 1/2oz package.

5 starsreally pleased!
May 25, 2011
by Mary Olson (Louisville, KY)
i will keep these dried mushrooms as part of my pantry items. really good!