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Essential Classic Pasta Gift Box
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Essential Classic Pasta Gift Box

Essential Classic Pasta Gift Box

FREE SHIPPING! Catalog Number: BX005
Vendor: Avanti Savoia
$100.34 $95.00

Three kinds of pasta, Extra Virgin Olive oil, spices and sauces everything you need. If cooking is love...

Sure to please any pasta fan who leans towards simple & traditional. One package each of Italian-made spaghetti & penne, and fusilli pasta. Rich sauces prepared by Don Bruno and Low Country Produce, Don Vito's Mediterranean vegetable & herb base for enhancing many a future meal, & quality extra virgin olive oil. Gift arrives in attractive pine box.

The following products are included:

Qty Product Catalog
1 Italian Fusilli Pasta 60001
1 Don Vito's Gold Mediterranean Spice Blend 30002
1 Colonna Extra Virgin Olive Oil 10002
1 Lowcountry Tomato Sauce 16 oz jar 38009
1 Italian Spaghetti Pasta 60056
1 Avanti Gift Boxes
Crate (19.5x12x12)
1 Italian Penne Ziti Lisce 60025
1 Don Bruno Marinara Sauce 38015
1 Sel Gris Organic French Sea Salt
Pouch 7 oz. (velvet)
5 starsAwesome Gift!
February 02, 2012
by Kimberly Yovino (Knoxville, TN)
Sent this to a friend as a "thank you" for having my husband and I for a weekend. She loved it! Beautifully packaged and all the products are wonderful!!