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Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Organic Coffee 12 oz.

Organic Fair Trade Certified $13.50
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One of the world's most distinctive organic coffees, substantial body, rich soft- toned acidity...floral, fruity flavor.

The same fine outfit that sends us the exceptional, dry processed Moka Harrar coffee exports this wet processed coffee from the southern Yirgacheffe region. This is one of the world's most distinctive organic coffees. This bean exhibits substantial body and rich, soft-toned acidity with a floral, fruity character to its flavor. It is roasted on the light side of "Full City" to retain its floral notes. 12oz. Imported.

5 starsDark, rich & smooth...
March 11, 2010
by Theresa Darling (Warren, PA)
Full-bodied coffee that you feel good about drinking, as it was grown in an earth-friendly manner. No cream necessary, as there is no bitterness (but I love a dash of sugar in mine to satisfy my sweet tooth!).
5 starsMs. Bee
February 18, 2010
by Bessie Goree (Chicago, IL)
I enjoyed every drop of this coffee. It was just what I expected. I will purchase again and again.