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100% Pure Vermont Maple Syrup

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100% Pure Vermont Maple Syrup
100% Pure Vermont Maple Syrup
100% Pure Vermont Maple Syrup

100% Pure Vermont Maple Syrup

Catalog Number: 33405 UPC Code: 740537066208
Weight: 16.9 fl oz
$23.50 $14.10

Out of stock.

The key here is 100%, no corn syrup, no Karo just 100% natural Vermont Maple Syrup. This is the way it is suppose to be! A Sunday morning delight.

Over 16 oz. of 100% Vermont Grade-A pure maple syrup packaged in a keepsake collector's bottle.

Made with the love and dedication the makers of this heavenly breakfast elixir have passed down for generations.

The cap is hand dipped and sealed in wax to preserve its quality until it's time to serve.

16.9 oz. bottle from Highland Sugarworks

Product of USA

5 starsNot a maple syrup fan but....
May 03, 2009
by Alicia Travis (Everett, WA)
Ms. Bu*****th put me off maple long ago. My mother always said, "back when I was a little girl syrup was different, it tasted better." Although I wasn't fond of cleaning the wax off the stpper, I was impressed with the contents. This maple syrup has a light pleasant maple taste and sweetness that doesn't bombard the mouth. I could enjoy a flavorful breakfast without the fearing the synthetic backlash and the impending typical maple syrup sugar rush.