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Vantera Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Pre-Order Sale: Ends Soon. Save 20% Catalog Number: 10009 UPC Code: 8034076070010
Volume: 500 ml
Vendor: Rinaldi

A bold aroma belies the delicate flavor of this, first-press oil.

A bold aroma belies the delicate flavor of this, first-press oil. The succulent vegetal blend of grass and green tomato flawlessly balances the bitter and spicy overtones producing a lightly spicy rear taste. Mature palates will welcome this distinctive golden-yellow oil with any dish, but it is ideally suited for fish, salad, and legumes.

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3 starsVantera EVOO
February 21, 2014
by GERALD PHELPS (Melbourne, FL)
Sadly, it is 'over the hill' Oct 2013 pull date. It has a slightly bitter aftertaste but still could used in a vinaigrette, with lots of vinegar.