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Parboiled Rice

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Parboiled Rice

Catalog Number: 65020 UPC Code: 8032542740740
Weight: 1.1 lb
Vendor: Cascina Belvedere
$2.50 $1.99

Out of stock.

This high quality Italian gourmet rice cannot be overcooked, thanks to an ancient Asian technique. Best when used in risottos and salads.

The parboiled rice is the result of a process called parboilization. In practice, the raw rice is washed with hot water; steam-cooked, dried with hot air and husked (the external coating is removed). Thanks to this method, which was invented in the Far East in ancient times, the grains turn yellow and, above all, they do not become overcooked, staying whole and well separated, and retaining mineral salts and vitamins. Its crystalline grain makes it suitable for risottos and salads.

1.1 lb. Gourmet rice Imported from Italy.

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