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Classico Giusti (2 Gold Medal) Balsamic Vinegar IGP by Giuseppe Giusti

Catalog Number: 20007 UPC Code: 695764800203
Volume: 250ml
Vendor: Giuseppe Giusti
$24.95 $14.97 Limited Quantity Available!

Fine balsamic condiment with just a drop of Traditional Balsamic to give it balance...

Method: This fine balsamic vinegar comes from the classic recipe of the Giusti family.

High quality local grapes are cooked and combined with vintage wine vinegar to mature. It is finished with a generous addition of extra old Giusti Balsamic Vinegar, giving it the unmistakable Giusti flavor.

Characteristics: Lustrous brown syrup with a rich and persistent perfume and a firm flavor are the characteristics of this superior product. It is carefully balanced between sweet and sour, carrying a distinct bouquet of aroma.

Recommendations: Thanks to its perfume and balanced acidity, Giusti Medagliere is an ideal accompaniment to salads, raw vegetables, capriccio (raw sliced meats), shellfish, white and red meats.

It may be only briefly evaporated over a flame at the end of cooking, so as not to lose its bouquet and added as a warm syrup to invigorate stewed meats, rice and pasta dishes.

Classic Style, 250 ml, Imported from Italy

5 starsVinegar
September 17, 2015
by paulina curran (Melrose, MA)
5 starsMy son practically drinks this stuff...
June 06, 2015
by Kathleen Wetherby (Dover, MA)
We buy both the gold and red label balsamic from Avanti Savoia. We especially appreciate that they pack them VERY well, as that was an issue for us with another vendor. This balsamic has a pure flavor and is thinner and more tart than the red label (also cheaper), which is why my son prefers it. I have yet to sample a balsamic I like anywhere close to as much as these Giuseppe Giusti balsamics!
5 starsAmazing quality for reasonable price
December 01, 2010
by Katharine Brosnan (Knoxville, TN)
We all know that Modena produces the world's best balsamic vinegar, and this Gold Medal is hands-down the best flavor on the market for a reasonable price. The concentrated flavor is what I always used to try to achieve by reducing cheaper vinegars, but this is soooo much better! This should be in every cook's pantry for everyday use!
5 starsmy favorite vinegar
January 19, 2010
by Amy Reed (Knoxville, TN)
After my last bottle of this vinegar ran out, I tried to do the "smart" thing and buy a replacement at my local grocery store. I read all the labels and bought the one that soundest the best, at a fraction of the cost of this one. When I began using the replacement, my children complained about the dishes I used it in. "This tastes different! What's wrong?" I switched back. The comments are back to, "Mom, this is delicious!" I love this vinegar so much that I put it straight on a poached egg.
5 starsGreat Taste
August 26, 2009
by Paula Bilyeu (Carbondale, IL)
Excellent on salads.
4 starsGold Medal (Medagliere) Balsamic Vinegar
April 05, 2009
by Gia Zabala (Port Hueneme, CA)