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Lavish Lowcountry
Lavish Lowcountry Catalog Number: BX105 $99.95
Limited Quantity Available!

Fantastic flavors from the Lowcountry...delivers the rich taste of the coastal south...

Organic Olive Oil Duo
Organic Olive Oil Duo Vendor: Avanti Savoia Catalog Number: 10052 $54.95 $44.95 Out of stock.

A rare pair of exceptional Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oils...offered for an equally exceptional price

Premium Olive Oil and Herb Dipping Set
Limited Edition 2015
Premium Olive Oil and Herb Dipping Set Catalog Number: BX113 $34.50 $29.95

Combine Don Vito's Gold Mediterranean Blend Herb Mix with our premium first press Italian extra virgin olive oil in the included decorative bottle for a delicious dipping oil for bread, veggies, or salad

Riserva "Francesco Maria" Balsamic Vinegar Vendor: Giuseppe Giusti Catalog Number: 20090 $53.95
Limited Quantity Available!

Savory balsamic vinegar produced in the city of Modena by the Giusti family since 1605... not to be critical but I think they finally got it right.

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