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Picholine Olives
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Picholine Olives

Catalog Number: 34575 UPC Code: 041224714700
Weight: 7.75 oz.
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Out of stock.

Picholine Olives are medium size and green. They have a tart flavor and are imported with the pit. Packed in a brine solution, they are a full bodied olive with a balanced flavor.
Picholine Olives, in contrast to the more common "green" olives have a strong olive, woody flavor.
Picholine Olives are used "as is" served as an ingredient in salads and as a garnish with cold meat and seafood. A popular accompaniment to pre-dinner cocktails, and cold appetizers.
Olives, Water, Salt

Product of France

5 starsExcellent
December 06, 2013
by Paula Campbell (Andersonville, TN)
We used these olives on the relish tray for Thanksgiving dinner. Everyone loved them.
5 stars3
July 19, 2012
by Monika Iszard (Las Vegas, NV)
No matter what you want to call them-they are green olives- since I love olives anyway-(I eat olives everyday)-I really didn't see a difference with these olives and the typical green ones.