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Essential Classic Pasta Gift Box

Catalog Number: BX005
Vendor: Avanti Savoia
$92.09 $89.95 Limited Quantity Available!

Three kinds of pasta, Extra Virgin Olive oil, spices and sauces everything you need. If cooking is love...

Sure to please any pasta fan who leans towards simple & traditional. One package each of Italian-made spaghetti & penne, and fusilli pasta. Rich sauces prepared by Don Bruno and Low Country Produce, Don Vito's Mediterranean vegetable & herb base for enhancing many a future meal, & quality extra virgin olive oil. Gift arrives in attractive pine box.

The following products are included:

Qty Product Catalog
1 Tellicherry Black Pepper Whole 31005
1 Sel Gris Organic French Sea Salt
Pouch 7.5 oz. (fine)
1 Avanti Gift Boxes Box000
1 Italian Spaghetti Pasta 60056
1 Lowcountry Tomato Sauce 38009
1 Italian Penne Rigate Pasta 60023
1 Colonna Extra Virgin Olive Oil 10002
1 Don Vito's Gold Mediterranean Spice Blend 30002
1 Italian Fusilli Pasta 60001
1 Puttanesca Sauce 38021
5 starsAwesome Gift!
February 02, 2012
by Kimberly Yovino (Knoxville, TN)
Sent this to a friend as a "thank you" for having my husband and I for a weekend. She loved it! Beautifully packaged and all the products are wonderful!!