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“The food from the cookbook was absolutely amazing, creative, unexpected and completely unique.”
–Kathleen Finch, General Manager, DIY Network, Knoxville, TN

Under the Figleaf-all about figs

Avanti Savoia is pleased to introduce a brand new cookbook celebrating the joy of growing and eating figs. 

In addition to over 130 delicious recipes, the book contains a wealth of educational material about figs including a helpful horticultural guide.  The book’s distinctive photographs are by Charles Brooks Photography. 

The food styling was performed by the team of Linda Ullian Schmid and Avanti Savoia’s own Chef Joseph Lowery.  Linda and Joseph were also responsible for the kitchen testing and editing of all the recipes. 

The book also contains a listing for sources of products which includes products supplied by Avanti Savoia. 

Only 50 copies of Under the Fig Leaf, autographed by the author and the food stylists, are available. Order your copy today!


See Chef Joseph's blog entry for more information about this cookbook, and for some sample fig recipes.


Table of Contents:

5    Go Figure

9    Why Figs?

10  First You Need A Fig

12    Appetizers & Beverages

34    Sides & Salads

58    The Main Event

82    Breads, Spreads & Condiments

100  Figgy Finalies

136  Linda Ullman Schmid

         and Chef Joseph Lowery

137  A Fig Wide Wonderful World

138  Big on Figs

139  Figs in the New World

140  Find a Friend with a Fig Tree

 145 The Next Fig Thing: A Fig Picker

146  Preparing and Serving Figs

147  Freezing Figs

149  Drying Figs

154  Rehydrating Figs

156  Index

160  Sources



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