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It’s red, white and blue time again; get out the grill and make plans to watch some fireworks. There is nothing quite like a good old fashioned 4th of July celebration! Two hundred and thirty four years have passed since that dramatic summer of 1776.

Most of us probably don’t realize that although the Declaration of Independence was dated on July 4th, the Continental Congress had actually voted for it two days earlier on July 2nd. It also wasn’t completely signed by all of the members until August 2nd, about a month later. This is a fun piece of trivia but we recommend that you not allow it to change any of your celebration plans.

Also from the category of Presidential trivia, we remind you that only one President (#30), Calvin Coolidge was born on July 4th in the year 1872. However, three former Presidents died on the 4th; John Adams (#2) and Thomas Jefferson (#3) in 1826 and James Monroe (#5) in 1831. Our current First Family will celebrate the 12th birthday of daughter Malia. Armed with theses little known facts, maybe you can have a little fun stumping your quests.

You will also need a tasty menu with recipes and here they are!

p.s. Happy Independence Day to you all, but please remember to be responsible- whiskey and fireworks can be a deadly combination.


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