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It's hearts and chocolate time again, and we've got a fabulous dessert that combines both. This delicious dessert only looks difficult! In fact this recipe is absolutely perfect for those that are challenged in the kitchen, but might still like to make a special dessert for their sweetheart.

Baked Alaska is usually a layer of sponge cake, covered with a layer of ice cream and wrapped in uncooked meringue. The dish is then frozen hard and then quickly baked in a hot oven. It is thought that the dish originated at Delmonico's restaurant in the late 1880s, although similar dishes have been around for a very long time.

For those that do choose to express their love with a culinary creation, we offer a heart shaped Double Chocolate Baked Alaska which although dramatic in its presentation is really, really easy to prepare. There are much more complicated versions, but our recipe is a good starting place for anyone and can be made ahead, except for the final baking. 

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