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Lowcountry Sweet Potato Butter
Out of stock.

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Lowcountry Sweet Potato Butter
Lowcountry Sweet Potato Butter
Lowcountry Sweet Potato Butter
Lowcountry Sweet Potato Butter

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Lowcountry Sweet Potato Butter

Catalog Number: 33353 UPC Code: 857051001490
Vendor: Lowcountry Produce
$9.50 $4.75

Out of stock.

This one is special, slather it on toast or a hot biscuit add it to your pancake batter. Sweet potato pie in a jar!

Are you a sweet potato fan? This Southern treat is going to send you to heaven! Slow cooked in natural flavors of orange, apple & lemon juices-with a dash of apple vinegar for bite…this sweet potato butter lends itself to a variety of dishes.

Try as a soup base in lieu of pumpkin, add to pancake batter, or include in your favorite cheese cake recipe. Spread on toast or croissant for a breakfast that's simple & sweet.

Be sure to try a spoonful on its own though…so you can experience how well the flavors come together!

The perfect balance of Low Country cooking and "Gullah" tradition.

16 oz. Product of USA.

5 starssweet
September 17, 2015
by paulina curran (Melrose, MA)
5 starsSweet Potato Butter
April 14, 2013
by Traci Richardson
Recently purchased the Sweet Potato Butter and absolutely love it!! My husband bakes cheesecakes and plans to use it too. I tried it on my breakfast multigrain toast and nothing else! Definitely will purchase more.
3 starsMarch 08, 2011
by barbara argoe (richmond, VA)
I thought it would be better or at least as good as the pumpkin butter that I make; it wasn't. It had an after taste that I did not care for when eaten by itself. It was pretty good on bread.
5 starsYUM
January 19, 2011
by Shizuka Buckley (Port Matilda, PA)
This is simply YUMMY!!
4 starsDelizioso
December 02, 2010
by Peggy Ferguson (St Augustine, FL)
This is good as well as "good for the eyes". I've always enjoyed meals with this veg included. I'm going to try it that way with some spices added & how about marshmallows? I like applebutter as well, eating it on toast at breakfast, so I will experiment with it too. The 1st taste has a vinegary taste but haven't looked at contents yet. Thanks for teaching me about the foods I would have never known without "AvantiSovia". These are my words as I didn't read yours until I got through.
5 starsSweet Potato Butter
January 09, 2010
by Bonnie Laurie (Lebec, CA)
I gave this product away as a gift.
5 starsSweet Potato Butter
July 21, 2009
by mary conway (malvern, PA)
We used this on fish tacos. It was sooooooo good.