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Meats and Fish
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Nduja Calabrian Spreadable Salami
Nduja Calabrian Spreadable Salami Vendor: Nduja Artisans Catalog Number: 70105 $15.99

Unique and delicious, Nduja (en-doo-ya) is the most famous and versatile Calabrian salami.

Finocchiona (Uncured Fennel Pollen Salami)
Finocchiona (Uncured Fennel Pollen Salami) Vendor: Nduja Artisans Catalog Number: 70106 $15.99 Out of stock.

A Tuscan style salami made with fennel pollen and seed, Chianti and black pepper.

Smoked Kieler Sprats (Herring)
Smoked Kieler Sprats (Herring) Catalog Number: 70034 $3.50
Limited Quantity Available!

Small smoked herring perfectly prepared.  These small herring are big on flavor with a nice pleasant smokeyness.  If you like sardines you will truly love these little gems of the North Sea. Product of Germany

Anchovy Paste
Anchovy Paste Catalog Number: 70018 $3.00
Anchovy Paste is made from the finest Spanish anchovies, ground into a fine paste. The paste is a reddish, brown color, with a moderately pronounced fish flavor and a salty "bite."
Sopressata Salami
Sopressata Salami Vendor: Volpi Catalog Number: 70100 $8.95 Out of stock.

A coarse ground salami with a surprisingly smooth finish.

Hot Sopressata Salami
Hot Sopressata Salami Catalog Number: 70102 $8.95 Out of stock.

A coarse ground, paprika-rich, spicy salami has a clean, crisp flavor and a surprisingly smooth finish.

Romano Salami
Romano Salami Catalog Number: 70101 $8.95 Out of stock.

This fine grind salami has a surprisingly pepper-rich finish.

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