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This is by far the most complete and informative cookbook I’ve ever seen on pasta. Not only is there a wealth of information on how to make your own noodles. The best part was it FREE! Whether you are a novice or veteran, this book will give you a lot more than just recipes. It discusses pasta types, what type of pasta goes with what type of sauce, how to make those sauces, and how to present them. We love noodles at my house.
Jennifer Hoffman, Tampa FL

La Pasta provides inspiring recipes that are so delicious they are worthy of becoming firm family favorites in every household. Combining traditional full flavors with quality healthy ingredients is always a recipe for success in my family. The hardest part about this book is choosing which scrumptious pasta specialty will become your favorite meal.
Chanel Rose

Chef Decarolis provides an easy to follow, elegant and understandable gourmet guide that novice foodies to expert chefs can employ to cook up some spectacular dishes with ease. I highly recommend La Pasta to everyone interested in pasta, delicious recipes and phenomenally healthy food!
Lesle Bower, Baltimore, MD

I am writing to say thank you for this free book. I enjoyed the Salmon recipe, great dish. I left my email address for more great offers. Thanks again for the awesome book.
Samantha Richards, Powder Springs GA