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Gluten Free
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Gluten Free Linguine
Gluten Free Linguine Vendor: Garofalo Catalog Number: 60306 $4.50 $3.00

Finally a gluten free linguine pasta that tastes delicious!  Made from corn, quinoa and rice.

Corn Linguine (Gluten Free)
Corn Linguine (Gluten Free) Vendor: Antico Pastificio Morelli Catalog Number: 60065 $9.95 $4.97

100% corn 100% flavor, 100% gluten free. Use with any sauce. Nice change of pace that works and plays well with others.

White Quinoa
White Quinoa Catalog Number: 65310 $11.95 $7.00
Limited Quantity Available!

Quinoa was considered by the Incas to be "the mother of all grains." Quinoa has a delicate, neutral taste and is gluten free.

Black Quinoa
Black Quinoa Catalog Number: 65312 $16.50 $7.00
Our Quinoa is 100% natural, nutritious, high in fiber, vitamins and minerals and contains a balanced set of amino acids.  Fantastic change of pace from rice.
Red Quinoa
Red Quinoa Catalog Number: 65311 $15.50 $7.00

Quinoa has a delicate, neutral taste, 100% natural and gluten free it is prewashed and ready-to-use. Quinoa is nutritious, high in fiber, vitamins and minerals and contains a balanced set of amino acids.

Polenta Catalog Number: 65315 $3.95 $2.00
Limited Quantity Available!

Polenta, a staple of Northern Italy, is made from corn. This is a "quick cook" polenta, medium grained, 100% natural, stone ground cornmeal.

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