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Portabella Mushrooms
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Portabella Mushrooms

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Out of stock.

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Versatile, meaty texture, mild woodsy flavor can be used everywhere lasagna, sauces, stews, risotto, soup...

The Portabella is actually the mature Crimini mushroom. It holds up well when cooked, and has many uses. It is favored for its meaty texture and mild woodsy flavor. Few foods are as versatile as portabellas. Serve them as appetizers, entrees or side dishes. Substitute meat for portabellas. Use in lasagna, sauces, stews, risotto and more. There are an unlimited amount of recipes on the internet for portabellas, so that shows how popular they are. Reconstitute for 10-20 minutes in a cup of warm water per ounce of mushrooms. They are best put directly into your dish that has liquid in it, instead of reconstituting first. Just rinse first, If you do choose to reconstitute them, pat them gently dry and cook. 1/2oz package.

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