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Salish Smoked Salt
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Salish Smoked Salt

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Clean smoked flavor, Pacific sea salt smoked over Northwest Red Alder, the same wood used to smoke salmon for centuries.

Bring the clean-smoked flavor of a crackling mountain campfire to any dish with this flavorful organic Northwest Pacific sea salt. Named for the indigenous people who first inhabited Washington State's Puget Sound, these crystals are slow-smoked over native Northwest Red Alder wood, the same trees used for centuries to smoke salmon. The smoky flavor is all-natural, so there's no aftertaste from artificial coloring or flavoring. This is the only choice for Northwest salmon. This artisan salt is a surefire seasoning favorite for finishing any dish prepared on the grill. It also adds a delicious lightly-smoked flavor to vegetables.

5 starsSalish Smoked Salt
December 11, 2010
by Lee blaugrund (Albuquerque, NM)
Bought both fine and coarse salts and was delighted with the taste and texture. Also, a real bargain.
5 starsPerfect for meat or veggies
July 17, 2009
by Theresa Darling (Warren, PA)
My husband and I decided we could never do without this salt, now that we've tried it. Great for meat eaters and vegetarians, it adds the natural smokey flavor we love about campfire cooking or grilling.
5 starsJohn Bird
May 05, 2009
by john bird (Midlothian, TX)
Will re-order!
5 starsFun and Exciting
March 23, 2009
by Sean Evans (Dayton, OH)
We love all of the sea salts we ordered. They are often a topic of discussion as they are used more as a display item in the kitchen. Look and work very well in the Olde Thompson Bavaria salt mill.
5 starsWe love this salt!
November 17, 2008
by Janice Tocher (Knoxville, TN)
It brings an excellent smoky flavor to steamed vegetables and anything else it's used in. TIP: the flavor is best if you add after cooking.