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Best By: 7/26/2013 Catalog Number: 32045
Weight: 2 oz.
Vendor: Gusti Vegetali
$4.87 $4.38

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Cool and pleasant aroma makes it a natural choice when roasting meat or potatoes, here's a little trick...

The name of this pungent herb with its needle-like leaves is derived from the Latin "dew of the morning."

The cool and pleasant perfume makes the spice a favorite choice when roasting meat or potatoes.

Sprinkle a handful of rosemary over the hot coals when grilling outside to create an enticing aroma.

Also use to season soups, fish, pork, veal, poultry, mushrooms, and spinach.

2oz jar, Imported.

(Herbs and Spices)

5 starsApril 11, 2011
by Anonymous
5 starsJanuary 18, 2010
by Tim Mullins (Indianapolis, IN)
too early to tell. We buy herbs and spices at Penzys so I'll have to wait and evaluate.